Bagasse [Sugar Cane] Circular Plates



noun ba·​gasse | \ bə-ˈgas \

Definition of bagasse

: plant residue (as of sugarcane or grapes) left after a product (such as juice) has been extracted

In other words, a sugar cane crafted paper that is home compostable, and if on the off chance it finds itself in a landfill, it will self compost, unlike Plastic and plant based plastics.

Not only do they hold the quality and sustainability of conventional paper, they are also heat resistant up to 100C and, if that wasent good enough, they are also grease proof.

The Paper Concept prides itself on functional, disposable and sustainable products. All products are tested to fit this high standard.

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Inner – 7 inch

Middle – 9 Inch

Outer – 10 Inch

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7", 9", 10"


50, 150, 300, 1000


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